SF-On the Street

Had the pleasure of going into the city to see a dear friend…and of course to be photographic observer. I have to admit that since I have started this project, I find myself feeling a bit like a beauty stalker…a hunter, peering out from behind a lens…how can I catch that perfect unconscious moment, ask for the right angle, and hopefully the light will provide?! When I step off the ferry, and into the city, I feel overwhelmed with possibilities. Everywhere I turn, I can see a story being played out…a life being lived. The grace and humility of it all astounds me, and leaves me craving more.

This batch of photographs was truly my attempt to catch people mid action, in their element…Is it possible  to piece together a picture of how the city moves and breathes, by stringing these images together? I almost see it like a living strand of pearls, each images complimenting the next, and essential for a complete thread to arise.

As much as I love shopping for books online, can this ever be replaced by the simple joy of holding a stack of books in your hands, and palming through haphazardly? In my life, the roaming and perusing of bookshelves is a dearly loved pastime. In that spirit, this young man caught my eye. With a contemplative gaze and curious fingers, this stack of books captured him completely.

Walking down the streets of SF is always an experience for me. So many things to take in and absorb, almost complete sensory overload on occasion. I found myself approaching a crosswalk, and looked up to see the most amazing legs, demurely crossed and waiting for the light to change. Their owner was simply passing the time, until the flashing man gave the okay for further movement, towards a said destination. But in the meantime, why waste the opportunity for a natural yet graceful pause? Being witness to this moment, was breathtaking. I can a piece, a small window into this individuals approach to life, by how they approached a traffic signal. In many ways a tiny detail, that sets the tone for everything to follow.

There are times when I see someone that I would like to take a photograph of…but then almost chicken out. This was one of those moments for me. I spotted a very beautiful young woman taking down her street fair stall. Allow me to introduce Topi, from Topi Hat Designs (You can find her booth on Market, near the ferry terminal on a weekday afternoon). I was captivated by her sense of style and warmth, two of the most important and not necessarily contradictory elements that a woman needs to survive the city. Her flower scarf and the simple orange-y pink earring dots that she was wearing complimented her skin tone and glowing smile. Somehow this city can allow the most cheerful and brightest of flowers to bloom, even on the cloudiest of days.

I would like to take a moment to pause and thank everyone I have photographed for their kindness and ease with my peering into their lives. It has been a pleasure to meet all of you, and I am grateful for the continuing inspiration. Also to the people who have been following my blogging and evolving thoughts , it is much appreciated. It has been my observation that sanity can come in the shape of simply laughing and relaxing into oneself…I hope that my blog can embody these elements, and be quite simply, a joyful indulgence of the senses.

SF Marina-Vivid Vespa

I was on my way to Fort Mason tonight, with high hopes of catching something….I have this feeling now when I go out with my camera in hand, of shaky possibility. I might catch a glimpse…of that sacred gesture, we call life. Tonight it drove past on a rather fantastic Vespa…behold the amazing sea foam green, that characterized the Art Nouveau era, and made fantastic wall paper in the 30’s. I even went out and bought a yoga mat in this colour, it has a way of cheering up the senses.  Thanks to this very dashing gentleman, I was able to capture the quintessential evening attire of the city: jacket, aviators, and sandals. Warm and comfortable, yet relaxed and not ruling out the opportunity for sand between the toes. I feel that this image is capturing both a very classical feeling, but with a modernized edge…this is the gesture of an individual that has taken a look, or feel…and personalized. I don’t think any personal expression can be more appealing or fashionable than this quality.

I’m enjoying playing with details and effects.

San Anselmo-M3

I was driving home and had the pleasure of being behind a dapper gentlemen in a rather nice M3 convertible…top down option engaged. It was the perfect California day, sun shining and people sporting the lighter side. Was fortunate enough to snap a shot at a red (thank you Marin for having the longest lights in the state) and feel I’ve captured a moment of someone, simply doing what it is they do….



While enjoying a moments rest and a spicy chai, I felt a flutter and looked over to see a beautiful pair of earrings next to me. This young woman had a striking face, and sense of lightness in her style. Her hair and feathers seemed to frame her face, giving a moment’s flight to my day.I took a few snaps, and have played with them a bit…creating something unique in each of them.

HiGear @ Infusion Lounge

Launch Party-bring on the sexy cars…and people.

Attended the launch party for the best idea on the block in ages-Renting that super hot car, you dream about at night…and then returning her in the morning. Fulfill that need to rock a Tesla on those sweet windy roads that take you along the coast of California, pull up to your favorite corner of the night in an Aston Martin Vantage, and then go back to your everyday ride on Monday, feeling that much better about your weekend indulgences.

Mingled and cavorted with many interesting people, and took a few nice shots to boot. Still working on several images, but here are a few that I found lovely. Definitely need to roll with my higher powered Nikkon camera, and consider using an external flash in the future…but I think my humble cannon quick snap camera has it’s moments. I’m trying not to get discouraged by the intensity of  relearning how to develop an image, and utilize all the tools available. My experience of Adobe Photoshop CS5  at this point  is like that of an out of control sock draw….I’m still trying to match up missing pairs that have gone wondering. I feel as if I can start to pull the essence of an image from the depths of itself, but I’m not quite hitting the mark. So as I work I keep thinking, just a tad to the left…just a bit more light…and how do I isolate and highlight the left corner again?! Possibly it’s time to revisit my old friend lynda.com again….Well all of that said, it was such a pleasure to see people dressed to be seen and talk cars. A certain amount of internal and external elegance kin to that of the machines that will be available for a day of unadulterated fun.

If you like this idea, I suggest you visit:



I must pause for a moment on the lovely Wen Guo (black dress in top photograph) she has a line of clothing called Boditecture. The piece she is wearing is her design. I love her idea of a functional dress, that can be transformed into another look in three seconds flat. It keeps life interesting, and that is a delightful idea when it comes to keeping you excited about that favorite evening dress.

To check out more of her designs go to:


Enjoy, and more to come….

I also have to give a moment to the striking Zahara Mali, who is featured above in blue and below in a portrait.

Caught in the moment

Cheers to the evening

Staying with the classics

Victoria BC-Canada

I spent a few days in the delightful city of Victoria…I found it to be a rather sweet and endearing spot in BC.

Captured these moments while leaving my accommodations, the Queen Victoria Hotel. I was waiting to check out and looked over to see a flash of green, blowing in the wind.I realized it was the inside lining of this fashionable bro’s blazer. Upon further conversation I found out that he had the jacket made for him, specifically with that intense green lining. I wish that I had questioned him further about his choice…if there was a specific reason why green grabbed his fancy…I found him to be a charming representative of the place; A classical experience, making Victoria like that of America’s older, slightly more modest and sophisticated sibling.

Seattle Area-Ballard


My intention in these photographs is to catch the essence of a moment. Almost as if it is stolen, while the observed looks the other way. In my experience fashion is rarely about what a person has chosen to wear that day…it is the intention and the artful coming together of  elements that strikes me the most. How can you wear an image? I don’t think you can. But I do think but one can embody a feeling, expression, and sensation of an emotion…as it passes by.

This bold young woman, caught my eye as she was pondering the transit schedule…with lightening bolts and metal studs, I found myself having nostalgic admiration for her edge.