HiGear @ Infusion Lounge

Launch Party-bring on the sexy cars…and people.

Attended the launch party for the best idea on the block in ages-Renting that super hot car, you dream about at night…and then returning her in the morning. Fulfill that need to rock a Tesla on those sweet windy roads that take you along the coast of California, pull up to your favorite corner of the night in an Aston Martin Vantage, and then go back to your everyday ride on Monday, feeling that much better about your weekend indulgences.

Mingled and cavorted with many interesting people, and took a few nice shots to boot. Still working on several images, but here are a few that I found lovely. Definitely need to roll with my higher powered Nikkon camera, and consider using an external flash in the future…but I think my humble cannon quick snap camera has it’s moments. I’m trying not to get discouraged by the intensity of  relearning how to develop an image, and utilize all the tools available. My experience of Adobe Photoshop CS5  at this point  is like that of an out of control sock draw….I’m still trying to match up missing pairs that have gone wondering. I feel as if I can start to pull the essence of an image from the depths of itself, but I’m not quite hitting the mark. So as I work I keep thinking, just a tad to the left…just a bit more light…and how do I isolate and highlight the left corner again?! Possibly it’s time to revisit my old friend lynda.com again….Well all of that said, it was such a pleasure to see people dressed to be seen and talk cars. A certain amount of internal and external elegance kin to that of the machines that will be available for a day of unadulterated fun.

If you like this idea, I suggest you visit:



I must pause for a moment on the lovely Wen Guo (black dress in top photograph) she has a line of clothing called Boditecture. The piece she is wearing is her design. I love her idea of a functional dress, that can be transformed into another look in three seconds flat. It keeps life interesting, and that is a delightful idea when it comes to keeping you excited about that favorite evening dress.

To check out more of her designs go to:


Enjoy, and more to come….

I also have to give a moment to the striking Zahara Mali, who is featured above in blue and below in a portrait.

Caught in the moment

Cheers to the evening

Staying with the classics

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