SF Marina-Vivid Vespa

I was on my way to Fort Mason tonight, with high hopes of catching something….I have this feeling now when I go out with my camera in hand, of shaky possibility. I might catch a glimpse…of that sacred gesture, we call life. Tonight it drove past on a rather fantastic Vespa…behold the amazing sea foam green, that characterized the Art Nouveau era, and made fantastic wall paper in the 30’s. I even went out and bought a yoga mat in this colour, it has a way of cheering up the senses.  Thanks to this very dashing gentleman, I was able to capture the quintessential evening attire of the city: jacket, aviators, and sandals. Warm and comfortable, yet relaxed and not ruling out the opportunity for sand between the toes. I feel that this image is capturing both a very classical feeling, but with a modernized edge…this is the gesture of an individual that has taken a look, or feel…and personalized. I don’t think any personal expression can be more appealing or fashionable than this quality.

I’m enjoying playing with details and effects.

One response to “SF Marina-Vivid Vespa

  1. In my day(back in the 80’s and 90’s ) this was referred to as “creme soda green” and I have a soft spot for it .Its also one of the favourite colours along with magenta for those wonderful German cotton prints that the ladies in Africa do so well . Thanks for the memories . Good to see the SF version .

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