Seattle Area-Golden Gardens

Spent time with my family in Golden Gardens…a very pretty little spot with a small beach, and all the novelties of being along the coast. Thanks to these lovely ladies for their pose. I snapped a quick pic of them, because they were rocking the casual day at the beach feel. A brilliant pair of button shorts, Sperry Top-Siders, aviators and of course a straw fedora.

Today, I simply begin

Hello to all of my peeps out there.

A week ago, the idea was suggested to me that it might be an interesting exercise to magic together a fashion blog.  I’m currently living in the Marin area, a stones throw from the trendy San Francisco beat yet far enough into the valley to see a few classics hit the pavement on a Tuesday afternoon. I have spent the past two years in this trendy trap, watching life go by looking fantastic, and wishing I had some way to document it. Well now I’m going to take a shot at it, literally…with eyes wide and camera poised, I simply begin.  I have been eternally grateful and inspired by fashion blogs (especially The Satorialist) and would like to not only see a beautiful moment walk by, but to also capture a moment of tangibility from behind my lens.

Here are a few photographs taken of me (compliments of Bertrand Mouton) in the Marine area. I feel that these images embody a piece of the feeling, expression, and gesture I endeavor to capture.

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