Life in General

When I photograph and blog, I see the world differently. It changes my world view. If I were to examine it closely…it actually opens my personal “lens” to capture more than just my own image. I have taken so many wonderful photographs of people out in the world and am grateful for everyone who has been so kind. I have not digested, played with, or have made sense of all of them yet…hence my slacking on this blog.  Thank you to all the people who have still been checking in with me, and wondering where they are….

The art of this whole experience lies in my ability to be present, in the moment. So fully here, that  I can not only catch a glimpse of something as it passes, but stop to have a conversation and a photograph as well. With the busy bustle, hustle, and occasional muscle of my everyday obligations….how do I keep this small bubble of precious creativity and imagination alive? I feel utter joy and terror at the idea of photographing the world, engaging with it bro-to-bro, so to speak. But if one stops pushing, and stops feeling for this infinitely needed experience of soul….it comes with a certain lack of joy and despair in my experience. If I may be so bold, I feel this is an issue in the personal realm, but also at the global level as well.

Technology and the push for progress are beautiful things…but only when balanced with a creative life. At the moment it feels to me that one has overbalanced into paper pushing, and simply moving the peas around, without it making a great deal of sense to the individual involved.  I have become so involved in all the details of my school and work life that I have completely abandoned ship on this blog,-even though it leaves me feeling fulfilled and keyed into the world.When I can not only engage in the world, but give something back to it as well, then I feel that my work for the day is done. But to do this consistently, leaves me a bit flabbergasted…

Here is my one piece of magic to share, for the moment. I wandered out to Bodega Bay a few weeks ago, during the “it’s summer for two days, blow off everything and hit the beach now!’ and took advantage of a few rays. I was also remembering a dear person in my life, who is no longer with us. Instead of leaving an actual flower(s) for this persons memory, my gesture was to leave an origami flower that I made in the sand. But it was too lovely seeing the folded paper nestled into the sand to leave without a photograph. So this is my gem of light to remember a life lived.