Ocean Beach SF-Occupy the Ocean

Do you remember that pivotal moment in childhood when you learned to stand up on your own? Was it on a wave, riding a bike, or hanging from monkey bars at the park? The beauty of this awakening into yourself is one of pure joy and satisfaction, with a knife edge of the unknown. It is the experience of being human, of reaching precipices throughout life, and finding something else shocking, exciting, and even a bit scary behind each door-or perhaps window.

Ill never forget my first bike ride, sans training wheels, the feeling of the wind in my hair and the danger of being completely free…until I went over. But it was well worth it, in my seven year old mind. The gravel in my knees was a form of street cred, and vindication at my new found ability.Who was this small person, able to conquer the moment and take flight?

With the world turning upside down, and revolution ripe in the streets of almost every major city in the United States, I have come to a moment of contemplation. Is this the moment when we will as a human race, global community, and social society stand up together, united by this freedom of  being airborne? No matter the position of an individual on the details of identity-it would appear to be of the most importance to find a way through global crisis, together. Can the training wheels come off now, I ask myself each morning. What happens next, in my life, or to the person next to me?

All I can say for my experience in this moment, is occupy your heart. Taking sides, drawing lines in the sand, will not necessarily help you or anyone else in the world. But remember, in these frail moments of self preservation and fear, that every single human being desires the joy of riding a wave by themselves, but needs a helping hand to get there. To be happy, this is the root from which all fruit springs. Can you offer that to yourself and to the equally hungry person next to you?

Below are a few images that brought a smile to my lips and a belly laugh into my heart. This wee one is learning how to stand up on a board with a sturdy father in tow-This moment is precious, and shapes the future. It is the goal to stand on a board by yourself, but don’t forget the beauty of being part of the standing process.

Surfs up my friends, how are you going to ride the wave?

A warm thanks to the family above for permission to post these images.

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