Yerba Buena Gardens SF-What’s your angle?

October is the golden month of San Francisco, full stop. People don’t always seem to know this, but it is a beautiful little secret about the city. I had the pleasure of soaking in a bit of quite and sunny pleasure in the Yerba Buena Gardens a few weeks ago. Over a cup of tea I watched people wander by. Suddenly a young woman hopped up on to the ledge in front of my seat, and took a few quick pics. With lightening speed, I reached for my own camera, and fired off a few shots….this image of another person taking an image made me wonder.

What’s Your Angle?

I love the feeling of this young woman. She embodies movement and agility. With rucksack, and boats to conquer all, she made me feel ready to take on anything, photograph everything. Spontaneous and daring, this soul was like that of a bird in flight. Stilled only at the opportunity of capturing a moment…I can relate. We all have such interesting ways of seeing, perceiving, and digesting what we witness, day to day. So no matter the subject of interest, there will always be a 360 degree view of the object in focus.

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