Santa Rosa- Let the Spectrum in

I have found myself thinking and seeing in moving images, with soundtracks playing alongside. A book, a passing scene through the windscreen, and song played on repeat. A loop of consistent consciousness, a thread unbroken by the passing moments of the day-single beads strung together to create a life from unexpected moments.

Many times I have driven by this particular old structure and wanted to stop and photograph it’s tribute to time gone past. It has haunted my thoughts and brought about puzzlement in relationship to it’s strange shape looming against the sky.

Chillingly quiet beauty-

Have a seat-

Days of Heaven-

The grittiness of age and neglect meets the vibrancy of nature and that haunting feeling of the change of season-fiery and yet a hint of the lush and replenished-in this quite darkness of the earth tucking in for the winter.

I have been listening to the new album Ceremonials from the artist Florance + the Machine. The entire collection of songs brings up images associated with epic-ness. But also a bit of the reflective and melancholic. Her work inspires me greatly, and brings up the need to sit quietly with my interior and observe what comes next.

I have a few quotes to share from Florance that captivated me and brought about this unfolding of imagery. I feel that her words flow along with a feeling, or a landscape of the otherworldly, extraordinary vision and colour painted with every line.

“When we first came here

we were cold and we were clear

with no colours in our skin

till you let the spectrum in.”

“The grass was so green against my new clothes,

And I did cartwheels in your honor, dancing on tiptoes

My own secret ceremonials before the service began,

In the graveyard, doing handstands.”

~Florance + the Machine

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