San Anselmo-Patterns and Impressions

Pattern! The trailing suggestion of repetition. Randomness and chaos harnessed into a seemingly viewable shape. Some patterns are constructed to not look artificial, to be absolutely accidental in their existence. I must admit my obsession with the entire world that goes into this art.

I took time over the winter break to learn photography, to really know my f-stop, and have shutter speed down. To be able to fumble with my Nikkon  in a knowing way…with a suave pondering expression on my face was part of the motivation for this learning endeavor. But after all the technology lingo was absorbed, and the exposures seemed to be perfect…I realized something had gone missing in it all. Why do I photograph? What is this moving, wiggling thing within that has motivated me to snap away from the time I could hold a camera? In all of those years  I relied on creative surges to create imagery, not technical ability. Now I find myself at a jumping off point, how to combine my artistic impulses with the understanding of how to capture them to the best of my technical abilities.

Stunned by this new found way of seeing the world, I have not photographed in months. Finally after this hiatus, I’m back, and ready to see what happens next. What is my vision? How do I push the edges of my emotions, and bring you the viewer into my world? Technically beautiful is something to admire, but it cannot exist without soul peaking out from underneath the rule of thirds. But the one thing I must admit….there are certain rules and tricks to imagery, that work. There are certain compositions that want for a specif subject matter, or bring with them a specif emotional response. I will try not to fight this, as I am so accustomed to in the past.

Here begins my dialog with purpose through technology, vision and presence through details….so I’m starting from the bottom up.

On that note I photographed a series of feet, and the their stylish companions.

Are meetings a bit tiresome? Then possibly you need a pair of mustache socks in your life. These bad boys peak out and capture smiles wherever they are spotted.

Keeping it classic and neutral. I’m not sure if the shoes were made for the rug, or the other way around…But it’s definitely a case of kindred spirits.

Love the details

I have been waiting half my life for a pair of shoes like these. They are a summer day waiting to happen.