UC Davis-Steampunk Fantastical

I had the opportunity to go and see an amazing performance last weekend at UC Davis. Imagine if you will, a world powered by steam, garbed in Victorian clothing, teetering on the edge of fantastical innovation. That was what the performance group “Circus Oz” brought with them to California all the way from that special land down under. The jokes were naughty. the acrobatics awe inspiring, and the humor catching.I could not stop taking photographs, it was such a pleasure to be surrounded by such an otherworldly audience. There are several groups in California dedicated to the Steampunk Lifestyle, and many of them came to the show in full regalia. I was homered to take a few photographs and get to know a few of them.

Here are several of the photographs that I had time to work on….but there are definitely more to come….if I could just find the time to work on them!



The above three photographs were of a man who embodies Steampunk. He made averything he is wearing from the goggles to the buttons on his jacket.



The gloves were hand made, along with all other parts of her attire.

Gorgeous material



Love Love Love the instrument





If you would like to see a bit more of the Steampunk World please check out the link below to see the good times in action.

Bay Area-Textured Reality

I wish to invoke feeling in my work. Sometimes I would say I almost go so far as to pick an angle, or image that is uncomfortable. That does not evoke a quality of harmony or balance. Other times I can see that my images is bathed in a calm, even melodic sense. To be honest, Even I’m not sure what kind of thread I’m trying to weave with at the moment….so how can I respect anyone else to? In essence, I am unsure of where to take the narrative from here. All of these images, are pieces of my life over the last year, that I snapped in different places, but can they hang together? Can all the different, eclectic parts of my identity meet somewhere in the middle?

Inspiration in the strangest of places…

Here comes the sun…

Saturday evening in heaven…

More of San Anselmo-Dramatic Threads

I was inspired by an outfit I wore the other day. Fairy dust pink and mossy stone lichen are the strangest and yet most fantastic combination of colors I have worn together. I’m finding myself drawn towards the pastel tones, and lighter shades of the spectrum at the moment. We are headed into springtime, and the urge to go lightweight and fancy free seems to be winning. I can practically hear the blossoms waking up and announcing the changing of the season. I simply played with the feeling of contrast and light in these images. The intensity of color, and the almost silvery quality that I brought to them with lighting.

Until I have time to hit the streets and check out what the peeps in my area are up to, I will wade through my wardrobe and see what drifts out of the tide…

The spaces in between…

Lighting can change the feeling of an image intensely. I am enamored with the hints of iridescence, and shimmering light. Pleats and creases, appear like individual mountains to an ant….Great lands and valleys to be traversed, all a matter of perspective.