CCA-Breaktime Mashups

I took the day off from computing integrals and wandering around on the complex plane to go and model for a class at California College of the Arts last week. It was refreshing and inspiring to spend a day around focused, intense, and animated art students. I took my camera with hoping that there would be “a moment” in the day when the opportunity for  a photograph would surface from the expected in the form of the unsuspected and spontaneous. I have begun to try and see the world as layers upon layers of visual information. From this change in perspective I have started to see a kind of 3 dimensional feeling of pattern lift our of the imagery that surrounds me. I would almost liken it to see the correct path from one point to the other when playing one of those drawn mazes as a kid. The pieces I have the most relationship to or interest in investigating further seem to lift off of this “life canvas” in front of me, and beg to be witnessed.

As I was sauntering over to my car, I was moved to a laugh by a pair of students, taking an upside down break from their right side up day. There were peals of laughter and exclamations. I told them by way of conversation that it looked like a good time….and then realized that it was camera time. I was fortunate to fire off a few shots before people needed to come down, but I have to take a moment to address camera usage…

Using A Camera 101

1.) When possible always try and have camera settings ready to go….even if camera is at the bottom of your bag….

2.) Again try and have your exposure to a reasonable setting if it is a sunny day.

3.) When user error occurs don’t freak out….remain calm and carry on

4.) Use this image as an excuse to play with digital effects and see if you can bring a feeling or mood to the image that you find pleasing.


Here are my pair of fashionable and fashion studying peeps:

User error at it’s finest



Pure unadulterated Joy



The Album Cover waiting to happen, possibly Fabric Manipulation Remixed or Couture Dubstep




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