UK-From London with Love

Bashing about London this morning…it’s still all about the shoes, although I have made the attempt to photograph the full form.
I have found the British to be very photogenic and gracious. Trying to interact with people in Russia was challenging, and anytime I tried to photograph someone on the sly, I was usually given suspicious stares…which honestly I could understand considering the location.
Here I feel comfortable and social again, fearless in my interactions.
As a general experience I truly love London. Every time I step outside I feel a wave of diversity, sounds, smells, colours, and languages wash over me.
The metro is fantastic, after a few days of sans car life I am a convert. The sea of humanity using public transportation is comforting….the general user population also seems down with the system.
So much to take in…this trip had been such a whirlwind of places, history, style, and global download.

Aldgate East, caught in the moment




So bloody classic


Bright flats!


Hampton Court UK-Hankering for History

Spent the day wandering around Hampton Court, the infamous Tudor hang out. Was stunned by the gardens and the inner chambers that once were home to such rock stars of history including Henry VIII and Charles II.
The bro’s had a fairly “pimped” crib if I do say so myself. As always I was investigating the tourists and their style of adornment. I was stuck by a young woman walking through the grounds and after seeing her wonder by a few times decide to grab her for a couple of poses. She had a lovely tunic dress on and really fitting knee high boots.
I chatted with her a bit, and found out she was visiting from New York.
Steph was a natural behind the camera and seemed to truly enjoy my photographing her. Frankly I could have had a blast shooting her all day, but Henry and the bro’d were waiting. So here were a few of the shots we did have time for….



A young woman using candy canes in a new and interesting way


Lunch was so beautiful, I have to include it


Bloomsbury UK- Everywhere at Once

Well I’m still alive, but after the day I had yesterday its a bit debatable.
I was having breakfast in Russia, lunch in Germany, and then dinner in best Indian food place I have ever encountered in East London.
I’m currently staying in the Bloomsbury area, next to King’s Cross Station. Even through my exhaustion I took a quick toddle around the hood yesterday to check out the peeps.
Knowing that I’m in one of the most diverse places in the world, did not stop me from have a feeling of awe at the sheer mixture of it all.
It brought a smile to my face to walk down the street and experience it all.

Colourful Jeans…and smiles


Gorgeous earrings


Frankfurt Airport-London Calling

Sadly I left Russia for London today. But I was on a quick layover at the Frankfurt Airport in Germany when I spotted the ultimate punk rock experience. A kind British woman was wearing bad ass platform boots. Had a bit of a chat with her and found out she bought them while visiting Germany. She explained that she was wearing them because she couldn’t fit them in her luggage to take home to England. Good on you my dear for representing.


Moscow-Москва́ Intensity

This is my second day in Moscow and I’m not as smitten with this city as St Petersburg, also know as Санкт-Петербург. Yesterday we walked around Red Square and had a look at the infamous Saint Basil’s Cathedral.
Today we went through the Kremlin and walked through the State Armory and the Diamond Exchange. It was amazing to see that much bling and gilding in one location. The piece that I was most awed by was a 150 carat aquamarine ring. Not to mention the crowns….and the coronation dress of Catherine the Great. In some ways I feel as of I might have a deeper understanding of the Russian psyche and the history of extreme gilding and the sprinkling of precious gem stones.
After all of the gold and lavish adornment, there was the need for food and watering. My companions and I ended up in a rather fashionable part of Moscow known as the Arbat neighborhood. After a bit of shopping we ended up at Vogue Cafe enjoying one of the best cups of tea I think I have ever had. It was red bilberry with mint and honey, served in a french press. Along with that I had a passion fruit jelly topped with coconut cream, and a touch of mango. Such pleasure was never consumed. And this I ended my last evening in Moscow with a truly fashionable and exquisite dining experience.
Lovely combo

I dig the shoes

Window shopping

Vogue Cafe


St-Petersburg-When in Russia…

Lots of people watching and touristing the main events around the city. I became a bit more creative and bold with my people watching and photographing.
I had a rather awesome moment when I was walking down Nevsky Prospekt, the main shopping and dinning thoroughfare in the city. I looked up to see a tv crew and several women dressed 90’s dancing. They pulled me into the dancing and filmed me as well, so I now can only assume I’m on Russian television….
The people watching was amazing and as an experience I left my heart in St Petersburg. Every moment in the city was enjoyable. From the best Indian food to amazing smoothies and desserts. I consumed the city and was left wanting more.
I have so many lovely images of people walking through the main square in front of The Church of Spilled Blood, but will not have access to them until I return home. In the meantime here are a few of the shots I was able to take on my phone.

Love the colours


Perfect moment, love the white jeans

British influence….everywhere

I met a couple who were traveling with their gnome Charlie


St Petersburg-Spasiba!

Is it possible to be rendered this speechless by a place in the world? Russia feels strangely familiar, intense, beautiful, hardened, gilded suffering, and a place of extremes. It is currently summer here and the days are long, the sun only setting around 2am. I giggle to myself as to how the local mothers put their young ones to bed before midnight. The city definitely takes advantage of the “white nights” and bustles well into the wee hours, runners take their evening exercise around 11:30. There is a feeling industry and development, with construction happening late into the night, and workers taking advantage of the hard won light.
My body is still trying to adjust to the lack of darkness, and I have found napping to be a great pleasure.
On to the fashion and physical presentation of the people. I have seen some of the most beautifully dressed individuals in this city. Remarkable refinement walking down the street with a soviet cinderblock jungle as the backdrop.
Flowing skirts, stilettos, fitted suits, and couture jackets….it’s a feast for the eyes.
Not all of my photographs are accessible at the moment, so this post will be a place holder for what is the come when I get home next month.
I will confess to be even more shy in Russia when it comes to asking to take someone’s photograph, but I’m going to try and work up to it. Also not everyone speaks clear and comprehensive English so I’m not sure how to communicate fully.
So my answer to this conundrum is to photograph shoes! Lots and lots of beautiful footwear in this city, enjoy!

My tourist moment at Peterhof Palace


Bath UK-Country Chic

I have landed in the UK and decided the best way to start my trip would be to spend a few days in the English Countryside before I hang out in Russia and London. I have enjoyed myself a great deal and feel as if I’m still in the Marin area, just with a slightly sexy accent and a lot more walking.
Here are a few shots that I have taken in between investigating Roman baths and taking the waters. I will admit to being a bit shy and not taking as many shots as I would like. The people here are beautifully dressed, and there is an edge of the funky to most of the attire I’ve run across.




Calistoga-Lounging Goodtimes

I spent the day taking the waters in Calistoga last weekend. It was a fantastic day spent with family,  mineral water, and a captivating novel. For once I left my camera at home….but ahh what have we here! My mother brought her camera along and took several lovely shots. I enjoyed her use of the evening golden light and the interesting angles that she choose for her images. It is always a pleasure to see how another person views the world, and how they will capture the moments that wander by…



Pattern and  depth….


The Golden Bling


Where emo poetry begins….


Stripes, Sunshine, and Satisfaction


San Francisco-Colour

The sun has returned to us, and with it I can feel colour returning. The past few times that I was wandering through The City, I was taken back by how lovely the light has been and how vivid all the patterns and colours seem to be. They pop out in 3D, reminding me that the world is not always as flat as I think…


One of those afternoons…




Walk on by…