St-Petersburg-When in Russia…

Lots of people watching and touristing the main events around the city. I became a bit more creative and bold with my people watching and photographing.
I had a rather awesome moment when I was walking down Nevsky Prospekt, the main shopping and dinning thoroughfare in the city. I looked up to see a tv crew and several women dressed 90’s dancing. They pulled me into the dancing and filmed me as well, so I now can only assume I’m on Russian television….
The people watching was amazing and as an experience I left my heart in St Petersburg. Every moment in the city was enjoyable. From the best Indian food to amazing smoothies and desserts. I consumed the city and was left wanting more.
I have so many lovely images of people walking through the main square in front of The Church of Spilled Blood, but will not have access to them until I return home. In the meantime here are a few of the shots I was able to take on my phone.

Love the colours


Perfect moment, love the white jeans

British influence….everywhere

I met a couple who were traveling with their gnome Charlie


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