Moscow-Москва́ Intensity

This is my second day in Moscow and I’m not as smitten with this city as St Petersburg, also know as Санкт-Петербург. Yesterday we walked around Red Square and had a look at the infamous Saint Basil’s Cathedral.
Today we went through the Kremlin and walked through the State Armory and the Diamond Exchange. It was amazing to see that much bling and gilding in one location. The piece that I was most awed by was a 150 carat aquamarine ring. Not to mention the crowns….and the coronation dress of Catherine the Great. In some ways I feel as of I might have a deeper understanding of the Russian psyche and the history of extreme gilding and the sprinkling of precious gem stones.
After all of the gold and lavish adornment, there was the need for food and watering. My companions and I ended up in a rather fashionable part of Moscow known as the Arbat neighborhood. After a bit of shopping we ended up at Vogue Cafe enjoying one of the best cups of tea I think I have ever had. It was red bilberry with mint and honey, served in a french press. Along with that I had a passion fruit jelly topped with coconut cream, and a touch of mango. Such pleasure was never consumed. And this I ended my last evening in Moscow with a truly fashionable and exquisite dining experience.
Lovely combo

I dig the shoes

Window shopping

Vogue Cafe


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