Venice Italy-In the absence of Space and Time

The city I have dreamt about since I was a little girl. My one cliche, that I’m not afraid to admit-I have a romantic need for the City of Venice. All of the artwork, culture, and passion that was born of her loins….inspiration has always flowed from this floating flower of the West.

I recently read a book called “The Passion,” by Jeanette Winterson. In this story, she described Venice during the Napoleonic era….and my heart fluttered from her poetic descriptions of these fantastical and not quite land determined characters…
Upon arriving I walked through the neighborhoods with my friend and her family. She had been to the city before and took us through the maze of streets, shops and of course lots of people. After about half an hour of becoming one with narrow winding streets…I felt completely lost….I have never felt that without orientation, it was a wonderful and terrifying feeling all at once.
After a bit of wandering we emerged out onto the Piazza San Marco-I drew in my breath with wonder. How beautiful the square was…how rich with colour, flavor, and history, seeping from her lovely pores.
I would love to have weeks with her, just sitting, watching, and breathing in her secrets….getting to know the locals, and all their stories in this watery place they call home.
As you can guess there were many tourists wandering about the City, as well as the local peeps. I tried to photograph a blend of both.







Pattern and lace


Local Feeling


Cheers to the weekend


Fantastic embroidery


Renowned Glass


Roads are Relative


Elegant Finale


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