Verona Italy-Wistful Wandering

A lovely and I would say classic Italian city. We arrived in the late morning time, and walked through almost deserted streets. I felt a bit out of place, not quite in step with what I was seeing. But it was so calm, and a picture of how I have always imagined it to be on a lazy Sunday morning.
Lots of window shopping, but no one really jumped out and begged to be photographed.
I enjoyed the well visited area around Juliet’s “Balcony” which was the inspiration for the Shakespearean play Romeo and Juliet…graffiti and gum left behind by the thousands.
I found myself constantly looking up, at colourful balconies, church towers, and the contrast of yellow and red buildings against blue sky.

Fantastic momentos


Future Home


Neck Scarves


2 responses to “Verona Italy-Wistful Wandering

  1. I visited Verona myself back in February and absolutely loved it. Verona is such a beautiful city. I can’t wait to travel more extensively in Italy though.

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