San Francisco-The Perfect Evening

Today was one of the most beautiful days of the year, falling into the territory of perfect. I was in the City on business and decided to have a go at the beach when I had finished. Ocean Beach was closest and I even found parking…whoot. The waterline dazzled the senses, everything I think of when you say the iconic word California. After a month away, I couldn’t ask for a more wonderful homecoming.
I chatted with some of the locals, and stopped for a photograph or two…
San Franciscan’s are by nature pretty laid back about random people approaching them for conversation or a photograph…
All I can say is that traveling was mind blowing, exhilarating, and full of adventure…but it’s nice to be back and have a go at the beauty and wonder in my own backyard.

Passing Through


Caught in the Moment


California Bro-Ness



Joyful and Colourful


Vintage T-Shirt


Nostalgic for London


The Classic Hippie Moment


Playful and Happy


Lovely Silhouette


Goldie Locks having a Moment


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