Muir Beach + San Fran-A Lovely Day

Today I am leaving for Seattle for a bit of relative appreciation and hopefully some R&R.
Yesterday I woke up to find it was a glorious day in the bay. So naturally I went to my two favorite places, Muir Beach and then into the City for tea at Samovar in the Yerba Buena Gardens.
Everyone was out and about enjoying the sunshine and I found myself relaxing into a familiar beat.
After that my bro and I headed off to Sushi at a place called Naked Fish, on Chestnut Street in the Marina Area.
I highly recommend going there if you are in the city looking for a bit of polish and an amazingly delicious meal.

I have to comment on the frustration that I felt while driving through the city. There were several amazing shots, perfectly composed individuals, painting worthy…and there was no way for me to jump out and seize the moment. This is partly nerve racking because my entire purpose and mission statement is to try to photograph people in their natural environ…unaware of a camera in the room.
The other challenge I face is how a person will feel about my bursting in on their personal space? Will they welcome it? Or will they not be in the mood? But the thrill of capturing a moment that is relevant to the world: Priceless.
There are so many escaped perfections, unclaimed jewels when I’m tootling around San Fran, that I always return home a bit overwhelmed. But in many ways having that level of opportunity and excitement also leaves me feeling a certain amount of satisfaction.
So there lies the paradox of my shooting for this blog. But when it comes to it, I love the challenge of it…always nice to feel the blood race a bit at the unexpected.

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