Bellevue, Washington-Last Day in WA

Had a lovely afternoon and evening on Monday. Time with the family peeps and a delicious afternoon nap. Headed out to dinner at the local Zagat rated Thai place, Bai Tong….had an amazing ginger martini, I’m thinking I will have to try this at home.
Was struck by a beautiful young woman with a wonderfully outrageous headband. When I looked at it initially it made me think of Maria Antoinette, and all of the various hair accessories she made fashionable. In the 21st century, this would be another version of a bird cage nestled in ones hair, I am a huge fan.

Butterfly Magic


During my trip I visited the local Bubble Tea place 500 times….I’m not sure if we have any spots quite this amazing in North Bay….if we do I need to track one down.
I walked in to order my Thai Milk Tea with extra Boba, and had a nice conversation with the young woman helping me. She liked the way I was dressed, and complimented me…it was very sweet of her. Always nice to have the effort of ones wardrobe recognized for a moment out in the wilds.
I had fun chatting and watching her spin Boba Tea magic for me….the process is fantastic to watch, they use a martini shaker to mix the tea….so I take my Boba shaken not stirred.

Cozy Bubbles in the making


Yum Yum


If you are in the area check them out at

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