Livermore-Golden Children

I was about to leave my coffee shop of choice in Livermore, when that moment of moments happened. I had been turned down for a photograph by a young woman at the table next to me. I decided to just hang out for a bit longer with my book, and see if anyone else was going to wander by. After a bit of engrossed reading, I looked up to see these two young people arrive at the cafe on their bikes. I almost fell out of my chair with the excitement of photographing their shiny, happy energy as the dismounted at looked around at their surroundings. I spend a few minutes chatting with them and trying different angles…and as if by magic I caught each person in the most lovely of moments. So after a year of striving to understand and master street photography….that instant were there was ease, beauty, and perfection between the observed and the observer, simply¬† happened.

And all I can say in retrospect, is how glorious it felt and continues to feel, even as I post this.

Thank you….

Beauty and Grace

Livermore-Summer Strolls

A few days ago I spent the morning working at a job out in Livermore. In the past whenever I have had a job in this part of the world, I have always had to run off as soon as I was finished. But afterwards I didn’t have anywhere I needed to be…so I stayed. I spent the afternoon walking around, poking my nose into several shops, trying out a rather nice Thai food restaurant (Lemon Grass), and finally ending up outside the local coffee shop.¬† After a few hours I started to have more of a feeling or shall we say flavor for the town. It is an extremely sweet and up kept little spot. The main thoroughfare (First Street) has a sunny disposition, a rather inviting feeling as I strolled along with my camera in hand. People were also ambling around, talking to one another with a sense of comfort that can only happen in a smaller patch of the world like this.

Lounging in the Shade

In-between Tasks at Hand

Colours that Pop

How would You like your coffee?

Summer Reading List

Santa Rosa-Evening Rehersal

It all started when I was walking towards the “Toad in the Hole” a few night ago. I spotted two people in silhouette rehearsing under a street light.

It was rather fantastic photographing them as they rehearsed for their upcoming set at the bar….

Banjo + Passion = Awesome

She introduced herself to me as Buttons ^_^


In search of the Album Cover

Petaluma-A bit of this and A bit of that

I spent a very pleasant afternoon in Petaluma, having a bit of fun and girl time with one of my mates. She and I had lunch, went to have our nails done, and browsed a few stores. As always I had my blogging goggles on and returned home with several stunning shots.


Knitting the afternoon away



Handy Artwork


Handy Purse




San Francisco-Sunshine and the City Beat

A sunny day in the City, YES! I had a job in the City earlier this week, which gave me the excuse for a lovely, lazy afternoon in Yerba Buena Gardens. Food, Tea, Company, ahh yes the good life. So of course there were a few fantastic moments that walked by…and I tried to have a camera handy when they did. For all the other moments…I will admit I jogged a few people down, but as always it was worth the enthusiasm.

The Modern Cravat

Perfectly Done

The Pleasure of Afternoon Tea


Check out the Print! These pants were engineered by Mirella Garic.

Owls and Birds oh My

Crazy Fantastic Awesome Moment

Lovely Flutterbys

Teal It Is

I see What you Did There

Petaluma-Afternoon Tea

I had a business meeting in Petaluma the other day. I used this opportunity to hang out at my favorite spot, Aquas Cafe. They have Gluten free bread, and make sandwiches such as Turkey Fig, pair that with a spicy iced chai and life is is good. After a bit of business I checked out a few of the locals. There are always people sitting around outside under hug red umbrellas, taking in the world ad it wanders by. Such a pleasure to just hang out for a bit, and enjoy the sunshine.


Everything is in the Details

Shades of Glory

Sebastopol-Hitting the Street

I work as a Professional Art Model in the Bay Area. One of the benefits I enjoy most about my job, would have to be traveling. Many times I find myself passing from North Bay, to East Bay, and ending my day in San Francisco. I meet a wide verity of Artists, and talk to many people who cross my path.

While driving away from a job in Sebastopol the other day I caught the vivid intensity of purple out of the corner of my eye. I stopped to talk and photograph. So glad I did…

We are all made of Stars

Do what you do Beautifully