San Anselmo-On a Sunday Afternoon

One of the parts of my life I missed most while traveling was Sunday morning brunch with friends and family. Waking up to smell Turkish coffee brewing and hear laughter and conversation through the walls. With the giggle of a young child I ran up the stairs to join my peeps. It has always felt like I might miss some great secret of the universe if not in attendance. I was greeted with hugs, jokes about the craziness of my hair, and pastries.
Such lovely creations, paired with Turkish coffee and fruit.
It felt wonderful to be home again, hearing the voices that I have come to know as a part of myself.

Oodles of Yum



Waking Up


One of the luxuries that I try to afford myself on the weekend, would be curling up with a good book. Sometimes the hardest decision I face, is which one I should choose…

My Favorite Reading Buddy


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