San Francisco-Artisan Fragrance Salon + More

I had the pleasure of going to the 1st Annual Artisan Fragrance Salon hosted in San Francisco this past weekend. It was an intense experience for the senses. Walking into the building hosting the event was like walking through a wall, scratch that, a blast of sensory overload.

I have never considered myself to be that much of a smell aficionado, but there were many delicious scents that both tickled and assaulted the my sniffer. There were many beautifully dressed people in attendance and I spent my time going between booths, people, and fresh air.

With just a hint of a twist

The Glasses Say it All

I absolutely loved this booth Cognoscenti. There was a scent Tomato Leather, that sounded strange but was fantastic. I loved the earthiness of it, gardening with a bit of cowgirl thrown in.

Check them out at

Hands On

I ended up buying a small pack of scents of scents called “Vocabulary.” I liked the idea of six scents, each covering one of the umbrella qualities of Floral, Musk, Wood, Citrus, Green, and Dry. I also had to buy a scent titled Bollywood or Bust…it makes me feel summery, sultry, and a bit sexy.

Check it out at

Leaving the Salon…grace walked by…


After taking in all of the scents and smells of the Salon it was time to find a bit of nosh. Seeing as we were next to the Yerba Buena Gardens we headed over to Samovar Tea Lounge for a bit of tea and nibbles.

I was struck by a very beautiful young woman sitting near me, with the most outrageously fantastic lace necklace. I had to have a closer look.

Please check out the jeweler at

6 responses to “San Francisco-Artisan Fragrance Salon + More

  1. Ick! I love those first glasses, and the second outfit šŸ™‚ and the third necklace, and the setting, and the perfume ideas! Lovely post! So colorful ^_^

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