Sebastopol-Hitting the Street

I work as a Professional Art Model in the Bay Area. One of the benefits I enjoy most about my job, would have to be traveling. Many times I find myself passing from North Bay, to East Bay, and ending my day in San Francisco. I meet a wide verity of Artists, and talk to many people who cross my path.

While driving away from a job in Sebastopol the other day I caught the vivid intensity of purple out of the corner of my eye. I stopped to talk and photograph. So glad I did…

We are all made of Stars

Do what you do Beautifully

4 responses to “Sebastopol-Hitting the Street

  1. Haha aw the second man has a fluff in his backback for some reason 🙂 by the way, do you ever have problems taking pictures? As in, are there a lot of people that say no thanks?

    • I loved the bit of fluff, it’s a seal 🙂
      Every once in a great while someone will say no thanks. But usually the person can sense my dedication and earnest request to photograph them, and goes with the flow.
      One of the scariest parts of starting the blog was the fear of rejection…but overall that has been outweighed by the joy people communicate to me of my photographing them, as well as meeting and getting to know new people.

      • Ah yeah I can imagine that, but you do really have a sense of sincerity about you. And you really have a talent for capturing people’s images in a way that shows their personalities at their best!

      • Thanks so much for your recognition. That would be my artistic vision for this blog, and it’s a pleasure to hear from a fellow member in the blog-sphere that it’s working!

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