San Francisco-Sunshine and the City Beat

A sunny day in the City, YES! I had a job in the City earlier this week, which gave me the excuse for a lovely, lazy afternoon in Yerba Buena Gardens. Food, Tea, Company, ahh yes the good life. So of course there were a few fantastic moments that walked by…and I tried to have a camera handy when they did. For all the other moments…I will admit I jogged a few people down, but as always it was worth the enthusiasm.

The Modern Cravat

Perfectly Done

The Pleasure of Afternoon Tea


Check out the Print! These pants were engineered by Mirella Garic.

Owls and Birds oh My

Crazy Fantastic Awesome Moment

Lovely Flutterbys

Teal It Is

I see What you Did There

5 responses to “San Francisco-Sunshine and the City Beat

    • Thank you so much Tamedfaddism, that means a great deal to me!
      I have a great deal of fun with this blog, and take pleasure when people enjoy the moments I capture.
      It would be nice to have a few more likes, any suggestions on encouraging a bit more traffic?
      Thanks again for stopping by 🙂

      • oh no problem, i find that honest commenting works – the funny thing is people can tell when you say something false. Try connecting your blog to facebook/twitter and even pressing some of your posts of wordpres really does help. I’m still finding out tricks myself but it did help dramatically

        i will definately be stopping by your blog

      • Thanks for the suggestions. I am connected to Facebook but I think I need to try pressing some of my posts. I really appreciate the recognition and support, and will be checking out your blog as well 🙂

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