Livermore-Golden Children

I was about to leave my coffee shop of choice in Livermore, when that moment of moments happened. I had been turned down for a photograph by a young woman at the table next to me. I decided to just hang out for a bit longer with my book, and see if anyone else was going to wander by. After a bit of engrossed reading, I looked up to see these two young people arrive at the cafe on their bikes. I almost fell out of my chair with the excitement of photographing their shiny, happy energy as the dismounted at looked around at their surroundings. I spend a few minutes chatting with them and trying different angles…and as if by magic I caught each person in the most lovely of moments. So after a year of striving to understand and master street photography….that instant were there was ease, beauty, and perfection between the observed and the observer, simply  happened.

And all I can say in retrospect, is how glorious it felt and continues to feel, even as I post this.

Thank you….

Beauty and Grace

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