Livermore-Summer Strolls

A few days ago I spent the morning working at a job out in Livermore. In the past whenever I have had a job in this part of the world, I have always had to run off as soon as I was finished. But afterwards I didn’t have anywhere I needed to be…so I stayed. I spent the afternoon walking around, poking my nose into several shops, trying out a rather nice Thai food restaurant (Lemon Grass), and finally ending up outside the local coffee shop.  After a few hours I started to have more of a feeling or shall we say flavor for the town. It is an extremely sweet and up kept little spot. The main thoroughfare (First Street) has a sunny disposition, a rather inviting feeling as I strolled along with my camera in hand. People were also ambling around, talking to one another with a sense of comfort that can only happen in a smaller patch of the world like this.

Lounging in the Shade

In-between Tasks at Hand

Colours that Pop

How would You like your coffee?

Summer Reading List

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