San Francisco-Smiles and Underground Transportation

I was working early in the city a few Saturdays past. The part of town I was heading towards did not have a great deal of parking. So I decided to try taking Bart (Our local underground “Tube”) from Berkeley into SF. To be honest, it was my first official time ever using Bart as a form of transportation. After living in the Bay Area almost four years…I decided it needed to be done

In many ways using public transportation frees one up to actually see. To observe and photograph at will, without the worries that go with maneuvering a car from point a to point b. One of the great joys I miss from my summer abroad was the freedom that came with constantly walking, and taking trains to my desired destinations.

One of the first people I saw after stepping off Bart was a very sweet man by the name of Salvatore. He was on his way to perform at a club, as he indicated, around the corner. We spoke for a few minutes, and upon hearing my name, he sang to me. It was a sweet ballad from Mexico about “Raquelita” or little Rachael. I was so tickled by his song, and left waving my goodbyes to him in souring spirits.

Saturday Morning

After a rather enjoyable morning working, it was time to head back to East Bay. I hopped on Bart and after almost taking the wrong route, I managed to find my way to the appropriate line.Part way into my trip I spent a few minutes watching a rather cool dude. I finally asked if I could photograph him. The headphones and the sunglasses were such an amazing blend of awesomeness.

Ready For Action

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