Petaluma-Turning of the Season

I stopped into my favorite jam in Petaluma, Aquas Cafe. A warm almond chai and a Turkey Fig sandwich of fantastic-ness made my Wednesday survivable. Today I made the attempt to see the world in pictures. For the past few weeks, I have spent most of my time thinking in symbols and theorems…but what of colour, light, and darkness? The beauty and vividness of a gesture, the fantasy of a line drawn in space, the movement of a body through a room. I spent my day paying attention to these moving pictures, and remembering their quiet rhythm in the world.

The Last Hurrah to Summer

Such Beautiful Detail

The weather has been extremely unpredictable. The clouds have been epic, and created very beautiful sunset magic. I can feel the light beginning to change, taking on a softer quality. The leaves are beginning to turn and my landscape is transformed. I just feel a small prick of sadness to be leaving summer behind, to be transitioning into this quieter time of the year.

My Evening Drive Home

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