Sacramento-Shades of the Season

The days race by, and I feel the season moving steadily towards wintery stillness. I listen to the rain pattering on windowpanes and embrace the changing light and colour.

I was out and about in Sacramento this past weekend. It was a pleasure to take a few days off from routine, and do something completely different. Taking my camera with  I felt that many of the photographs I took, simply landed on my metaphorical doorstep.

I’m always so amazed by how different, unique, and beautiful people are in the world. Strip away all the details and just see the form. The person looking back at me when I click a button. Transformed, transposed, captured through light, and colour. Fading out or fading into crispness. I play with the contrast, until I see a bit of the depths, emerging through the layer of flesh stretched tight across-blending the layers together-reveling in a moment of richness-consonance.


Lavender Hair

Written on the Body


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