Petaluma – Car Show Extravaganza

Car Shows are always a great deal of fun, and a fabulous excuse for people to have a bit more tête-à-tête time with an open wardrobe and patient mirror.

The one I ended up at was unplanned and wonderfully spontaneous. Thank you Petaluma for having weekend events, practically on my doorstep.

All of the photographs were brilliant. I felt as if on the set of a 1950’s film, boasting dashing men, Red lipstick, and oh so shiny hunks of polished, yet prehistoric metal.


20130518-_DSC5336 20130518-_DSC5342 20130518-_DSC5349

Gritty Gleaming Past


Beach Blanket Bingo


Mr. Shades


Ma chère!


What’s your tail, nightingale?