St Petersburg-Spasiba!

Is it possible to be rendered this speechless by a place in the world? Russia feels strangely familiar, intense, beautiful, hardened, gilded suffering, and a place of extremes. It is currently summer here and the days are long, the sun only setting around 2am. I giggle to myself as to how the local mothers put their young ones to bed before midnight. The city definitely takes advantage of the “white nights” and bustles well into the wee hours, runners take their evening exercise around 11:30. There is a feeling industry and development, with construction happening late into the night, and workers taking advantage of the hard won light.
My body is still trying to adjust to the lack of darkness, and I have found napping to be a great pleasure.
On to the fashion and physical presentation of the people. I have seen some of the most beautifully dressed individuals in this city. Remarkable refinement walking down the street with a soviet cinderblock jungle as the backdrop.
Flowing skirts, stilettos, fitted suits, and couture jackets….it’s a feast for the eyes.
Not all of my photographs are accessible at the moment, so this post will be a place holder for what is the come when I get home next month.
I will confess to be even more shy in Russia when it comes to asking to take someone’s photograph, but I’m going to try and work up to it. Also not everyone speaks clear and comprehensive English so I’m not sure how to communicate fully.
So my answer to this conundrum is to photograph shoes! Lots and lots of beautiful footwear in this city, enjoy!

My tourist moment at Peterhof Palace