Napa Valley – Lunch at OxBow

Hello everyone,

I fall upon my pen in apologies for leaving all of my faithful readers for so long without a post. I started a photography studio and have been pouring all of my energy, tears, and joy into that project. But that said I have the urge to keep fashionmudra alive. You were my first experience, my first love of blogging and I don’t want to let you go. I have traveled the world and photographed places that sound and feel outside of myself such as Russia, England and Italy. But I have also discovered the uniqueness of my daily life in the Bay Area.  I can honestly say that fashion photography and in particular street photography have a certain quality to them them that I still crave with an itching need.

While I was attending the Napa Valley Film festival last November there were many moments when I needed to find a watering hole and a bit of R&R before heading to the next red carpet of choice. I found that  need fulfilled while having lunch at the Oxbow Public Market. Along with my meal I found myself people watching and taking in the mix of locals and tourists that were visiting Napa that day.

If my memory is correct the gentleman below was working at the book kiosk outside the restaurant. I snagged him for a candid moment outside as he was on his way out the door. He had really wonderful sense of himself and a quite self awareness in his style.


The lovely lady below was replacing the gentleman above at the kiosk, but before her shift started I photographed her as well. She struck me as being very comfortable in her skin and aware of what her world encompassed.


I thought that they both represented  a certain flavor of the place. They both had a persona that gave a sense of gravitas and had in my opinion a healthy investment in the way they were seen in the world.

San Anselmo – Littlie Halloween Parade

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Halloween is upon us and with it the marching parade of small pumpkins, princesses, comic book heroes, and of course Darth Vader. There was a guest appearance from a few of the local storm troopers and lots of candy along the way. It was a lovely warm evening with  youngsters romping around the park – flashes of glitter and color, smiles, and hands smeared with chocolate.  A warm thank you to all the parents that gave me permission to share their wee ones with the world.

Have a Happy and Safe Halloween!











































LittlieParade_RStaudt21All images Copyrighted © Rachael Staudt Please note: no images are to be used or reproduced without the express consent of the author. Thank you.


Hello to Small-Discoveries

Hello Everyone!!

I can’t believe that I have been absent for so long on this blog. I would like to thank everyone that followed me for the last few years and kept checking to see if I had woken from my silence to publish a post. Please have a look at my new project:

Thank you again for all the love, inspiration, and support.

All the best,

-Rachael Staudt


San Francisco – Transitions

It feels to me that life is a sequence of constant little movements, all strung together. Whether one is out photographing, playing Tennis, or siting through a business meeting, there are constant readjustments that occur. Being able to see, with an inner presence what is coming towards you. The act of waiting, of listening, of feeling the presence of creativity. Inspiration comes in with the breeze, and there are many days that feel airless and heavy with the weight of practicality and productivity.

But other days are blowing gales as I fight to hold onto my camera.

yellow and black



fall happens

girl with the smile










Petaluma – Blown

I love playing with contrast. In all parts of my life. What happens when you push light to the extreme, what happens when darkness overwhelms a space? I keep pushing the edges of an image, exploring  what is lying…lurking.. just below the surface of the expected. Come a bit closer, take in all of the highlights and places that shadow can hide. But then…don’t forget to push back, to see all the parts that unite the composition. Can I learn the dotes that connect to form a human being…all by the angle of their head?

20130518-_DSC5273All the Lights

Petaluma – Car Show Extravaganza

Car Shows are always a great deal of fun, and a fabulous excuse for people to have a bit more tête-à-tête time with an open wardrobe and patient mirror.

The one I ended up at was unplanned and wonderfully spontaneous. Thank you Petaluma for having weekend events, practically on my doorstep.

All of the photographs were brilliant. I felt as if on the set of a 1950’s film, boasting dashing men, Red lipstick, and oh so shiny hunks of polished, yet prehistoric metal.


20130518-_DSC5336 20130518-_DSC5342 20130518-_DSC5349

Gritty Gleaming Past


Beach Blanket Bingo


Mr. Shades


Ma chère!


What’s your tail, nightingale?


San Francisco-Trends in Velvet and Optics

The sun lit up the most magnificent Red coat, as I sat drinking my afternoon tea. Like that of a thousand ruby gems all catching the glaring brilliance of sunlight. Saturated and Sated by the color I asked this beautiful woman for a photograph. Gayle was happy to share her fiery cloak-



The above photographs illustrates a woman who loves to dress beautifully, for the pleasure of it. To find out more about her click on her name below:


Serious decisions can be made while staying quite warm.

On a brisk day in the Gardens, this young gentleman was not about to catch a chill-While he sorted through the tea menu and decided on which tea biscuits looked most ravishing.


Lunch Break-I profess that I stole a moment from the plum ensconced gentleman. I loved his expression, and sense of purpose. Did I manage to catch that naked moment of surrender with my lens? Because I could feel it hover over us as I snapped away. Hoping to touch an instant, a tingle of it, as I sought out the features of his face-


Sebastopol-Fun Filled Afternoon

I must confess my obsession with the Stache. The Moustache that is. If I were a man, I dare say I would have one. And I would try to cultivate it and maintain it in such a way that it would curl, loop, and do a little dance on command.

It would just happen to be my good fortune, but I  have a friend with a curl-tastic Stache.

The Stache



The Stache and I stopped in for a bit of play time at Funk and Flash. Youth and cutting edge beauty was positioned behind the counter. She helped us and played dress up with us for a bit. We partook in frisky, amusement filled clothing touching and hat trying time. I tried taking a few different kinds of photographs of her-She had more than one angle to be observed from.






Seattle – Blurred Edges

I spent the weekend in Seattle visiting family and taking in the City. It was a blustery and cold weekend, but it was refreshing in a sense-And I had the chance to check out Chihuly’s Glass and Garden Instillation. While wondering about I took a few photographs. I have to admit that it was just one of those days-All of my shots were completely out of focus. But I played with them, attempting the “when life gives you lemons” story. It can be surprising what is possible when the edges of life and imagery blur. Accepting that every shot I take will not be perfect-That I will have to work with unexpected flaws, fills me with terror and delight.

In essence-This blog is dedicated to the joys of failing, and finding something else hidden within the absence of perfection.

Delicate Mood



Patiently awaiting