Heathrow Airport UK-Cultural Diversity

A single day feels like a week at the moment. Only two days ago I was London to head over to Dublin, then south to stay with a friend. On my ride to the airport I was smitten with a hound woman standing near me on the tube. She was so punk, and everything that my friends and I aspired to when we were coming of age. Her authenticity of being was what caught me…as usual I was looking for something begin the eyes, behind the clothing. I didn’t want to bother her…but when I saw her on the way to my gate, I though it was worth a go to ask her for a couple shots. The lighting was a bit rough, and I found myself asking the internal questions of how to make the best of the situation photographically.
I wish that I had more control over the exterior elements more often then not, but I am learning to work with it.

Authentic Adornment


At my gate I looked up to see this message on a gentleman’s arm. Before leaving Marin for this great journey around the world, someone wrote the same message on my driveway and through out the neighborhood. How very cool is that? It is what the world needs now…

Everyday Attempt


Hyde Park UK-Sunshine with a Chance of Roses

After the girls and I shopped and wandered Camden we headed over to Hyde Park for a bit more strolling and fresh air. We were very lucky when we arrived, the weather cleared and sunshine was abound. The rose garden was heavenly and a bit of time lounging on the grass was positively rejuvenating after all the walking. While chilling I noticed several people taking pictures of themselves jumping in the air….so I took a photograph as well.

Jump for Joy

Metro Moment


Westminster Abby




Hampton Court UK-Hankering for History

Spent the day wandering around Hampton Court, the infamous Tudor hang out. Was stunned by the gardens and the inner chambers that once were home to such rock stars of history including Henry VIII and Charles II.
The bro’s had a fairly “pimped” crib if I do say so myself. As always I was investigating the tourists and their style of adornment. I was stuck by a young woman walking through the grounds and after seeing her wonder by a few times decide to grab her for a couple of poses. She had a lovely tunic dress on and really fitting knee high boots.
I chatted with her a bit, and found out she was visiting from New York.
Steph was a natural behind the camera and seemed to truly enjoy my photographing her. Frankly I could have had a blast shooting her all day, but Henry and the bro’d were waiting. So here were a few of the shots we did have time for….



A young woman using candy canes in a new and interesting way


Lunch was so beautiful, I have to include it