Sonoma State University-Handy Headphones

Technology permeates the very fabric of our culture. One might even go so far as to say it defines our cultural and social lifestyle in the 21st century.

I spend a fair deal of time listening to music while I study, or move about my life. I have invested in several pairs of headphones, ranging in all shapes, colours, and sizes. So over time I have found it to be a fascinating study to see what kinds of headphones people like to wear, and how it gives me glimpse into their persona. Sometimes it’s not just about the headphones themselves, but in how they accessorize them, or dress them up.

Golden Noise


A moment in between



San Francisco-Academy of Sciences

My brother, friends, and I have had an amazing summer. We called it Summer Camp 2012. As our final hurrah to a summer well loved several of the peeps and I headed into the city for a day at the Academy of Sciences. It was an afternoon of wonder and excitement. We commented on the fact that because we did not have adult supervision….we might have misbehaved a bit more then the smaller people under feet.

All Smiles

Fantastic Camouflage

Delicately Gritty


After a full day of walking, giggling and (gently) poking sea stars we headed to dinner. It was decided by consensus that after a day spent near our aquatic friends, sushi was a good idea. On our way to our old faithful Naked Fish, I spotted a pair of headphones that could not be ignored. This young woman was commuting in style,listening to beats that definitely matched her SF beat.

Neon Headphones