Hyde Park UK-Sunshine with a Chance of Roses

After the girls and I shopped and wandered Camden we headed over to Hyde Park for a bit more strolling and fresh air. We were very lucky when we arrived, the weather cleared and sunshine was abound. The rose garden was heavenly and a bit of time lounging on the grass was positively rejuvenating after all the walking. While chilling I noticed several people taking pictures of themselves jumping in the air….so I took a photograph as well.

Jump for Joy

Metro Moment


Westminster Abby




Camden Town UK- Culture Clash

No trip to London would be complete without a bit of shopping and walking through this notorious spot. I had a great deal of fun reliving my own years of fashion bad assery. As hard as I find it to believe I once had blue hair, huge rave pants, black make up and of course piercings. Though I might not rock the style these days I have a great deal of appreciation for it….so I had a great of fun photographing the locals and tourists hitting the area.






Polka dots


Victorian revival


Trunks of glory

Language appropriate


Oxford Street UK-A Change of Pace

Yesterday I bid goodbye to the family friends I was traveling with and joined up with several of my girlfriends today.
We headed out after midday to have a little shopping fun on Oxford Street and beyond. I was taken back at how familiar the area felt to me….I could have been standing on Market in downtown San Francisco, just without the salty air. Again I have to allude to my appreciation of the sexy accent that permeates my experience of London. It’s just such a lovely switch up to the language I was raised to speak.
Within moments of our arrival, the girls and I popped into a sweet little shoe shop…where a few of us indulged.
I loved the simple, and light designs, and fell in love with a pair of poco dot flat sandals.
Moving on there were lots of interesting shops and people watching to be had.
There was also a fair deal of very awe inspiring window shopping.
I have to note that as a general observation, the target audience that I have been photographing falls around my generation in age. It would be nice to think of my blog as being multidimensional and inclusive of all generations. So today I made the attempt to train my eye to see beyond my comfort zone. Many times I will not ask a person if they mind being photographed for fear of rejection. But as I continue with this blog, I find it easier and more enjoyable to talk with people and to have a feeling for the individual’s out there secretly waiting for someone to notice them….I know that there is a part of me that is always waiting to be discovered.

Neon lights!


Beautiful contrast…


Jubilee appreciation for the queen




The pose




UK-From London with Love

Bashing about London this morning…it’s still all about the shoes, although I have made the attempt to photograph the full form.
I have found the British to be very photogenic and gracious. Trying to interact with people in Russia was challenging, and anytime I tried to photograph someone on the sly, I was usually given suspicious stares…which honestly I could understand considering the location.
Here I feel comfortable and social again, fearless in my interactions.
As a general experience I truly love London. Every time I step outside I feel a wave of diversity, sounds, smells, colours, and languages wash over me.
The metro is fantastic, after a few days of sans car life I am a convert. The sea of humanity using public transportation is comforting….the general user population also seems down with the system.
So much to take in…this trip had been such a whirlwind of places, history, style, and global download.

Aldgate East, caught in the moment




So bloody classic


Bright flats!


Hampton Court UK-Hankering for History

Spent the day wandering around Hampton Court, the infamous Tudor hang out. Was stunned by the gardens and the inner chambers that once were home to such rock stars of history including Henry VIII and Charles II.
The bro’s had a fairly “pimped” crib if I do say so myself. As always I was investigating the tourists and their style of adornment. I was stuck by a young woman walking through the grounds and after seeing her wonder by a few times decide to grab her for a couple of poses. She had a lovely tunic dress on and really fitting knee high boots.
I chatted with her a bit, and found out she was visiting from New York.
Steph was a natural behind the camera and seemed to truly enjoy my photographing her. Frankly I could have had a blast shooting her all day, but Henry and the bro’d were waiting. So here were a few of the shots we did have time for….



A young woman using candy canes in a new and interesting way


Lunch was so beautiful, I have to include it


Bloomsbury UK- Everywhere at Once

Well I’m still alive, but after the day I had yesterday its a bit debatable.
I was having breakfast in Russia, lunch in Germany, and then dinner in best Indian food place I have ever encountered in East London.
I’m currently staying in the Bloomsbury area, next to King’s Cross Station. Even through my exhaustion I took a quick toddle around the hood yesterday to check out the peeps.
Knowing that I’m in one of the most diverse places in the world, did not stop me from have a feeling of awe at the sheer mixture of it all.
It brought a smile to my face to walk down the street and experience it all.

Colourful Jeans…and smiles


Gorgeous earrings


Frankfurt Airport-London Calling

Sadly I left Russia for London today. But I was on a quick layover at the Frankfurt Airport in Germany when I spotted the ultimate punk rock experience. A kind British woman was wearing bad ass platform boots. Had a bit of a chat with her and found out she bought them while visiting Germany. She explained that she was wearing them because she couldn’t fit them in her luggage to take home to England. Good on you my dear for representing.