Oxford Street UK-A Change of Pace

Yesterday I bid goodbye to the family friends I was traveling with and joined up with several of my girlfriends today.
We headed out after midday to have a little shopping fun on Oxford Street and beyond. I was taken back at how familiar the area felt to me….I could have been standing on Market in downtown San Francisco, just without the salty air. Again I have to allude to my appreciation of the sexy accent that permeates my experience of London. It’s just such a lovely switch up to the language I was raised to speak.
Within moments of our arrival, the girls and I popped into a sweet little shoe shop…where a few of us indulged.
I loved the simple, and light designs, and fell in love with a pair of poco dot flat sandals.
Moving on there were lots of interesting shops and people watching to be had.
There was also a fair deal of very awe inspiring window shopping.
I have to note that as a general observation, the target audience that I have been photographing falls around my generation in age. It would be nice to think of my blog as being multidimensional and inclusive of all generations. So today I made the attempt to train my eye to see beyond my comfort zone. Many times I will not ask a person if they mind being photographed for fear of rejection. But as I continue with this blog, I find it easier and more enjoyable to talk with people and to have a feeling for the individual’s out there secretly waiting for someone to notice them….I know that there is a part of me that is always waiting to be discovered.

Neon lights!


Beautiful contrast…


Jubilee appreciation for the queen




The pose




UK-From London with Love

Bashing about London this morning…it’s still all about the shoes, although I have made the attempt to photograph the full form.
I have found the British to be very photogenic and gracious. Trying to interact with people in Russia was challenging, and anytime I tried to photograph someone on the sly, I was usually given suspicious stares…which honestly I could understand considering the location.
Here I feel comfortable and social again, fearless in my interactions.
As a general experience I truly love London. Every time I step outside I feel a wave of diversity, sounds, smells, colours, and languages wash over me.
The metro is fantastic, after a few days of sans car life I am a convert. The sea of humanity using public transportation is comforting….the general user population also seems down with the system.
So much to take in…this trip had been such a whirlwind of places, history, style, and global download.

Aldgate East, caught in the moment




So bloody classic


Bright flats!