Weill Concert Hall – All dressed up with somewhere to go

Earlier this month I joined my family on an outing to see the world renowned concert pianist Murray Perahia.

Before the performance began I took a bit of time to photograph the concert hall. I attended Sonoma State as a student but was in my finishing semester when Weill Hall was complete. I will never forget the excited chatter that passed through the music department on the day that Yo-Yo Ma came to the school to spend time testing out the acoustics of the space. From what I heard he was impressed with Weill Hall.

As a graduated student – with slightly more free time – I was excited to explore the space, have a glass of champagne and mingle a bit.



It was a Friday night and everyone was dressed with flare. My eyes landed on two young woman that looked stunning. Gold shoes were the first thing that caught my eye. I could feel our mutual flutter of anticipation for the performance to begin.

Placing my champagne to the side, I asked them for a quick photo shoot before the bell rang to begin seating.








The performance did not disappoint. Perahia had crisp notation and flawless technique. Seldom have I listened to such a clean and intellectually brilliant performance. His playing felt warm and sensitive to the ear. His style was not of a dramatic nature but still managed to have a strong emphasis even with a more delicate and refined touch.  It was a positively lyrical experience, and I held on to each note as it was played. His recital included pieces by Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Franck, and Chopin. I did not photograph the man himself due to restrictions. But I did capture the stage before he sat down to play.

If you are ever in the Sonoma Area I highly recommend attending a concert at the new Weill Concert Hall located on the Sonoma State University Campus.


Seattle-Lunch + Natalie Merchant

I am back in Seattle. This fact fills me with joy, as I do love this city…accept for one little thing….the weather. Now I know that might sound a bit rich coming from the Lady that lives in the Bay, and stares fog down regularly. It’s just that for the last three years, every time I come here….part if not all of the time I am here is a bit of a rainy day experience. Could I just have one or two days of sun? I suppose I will just have to come back again later in the summer as a compromise.

While I was out to lunch with my peeps I ran across this precious gem of a young woman. I loved her feeling of delicate perfection, clad in a carefree and sensible sweater. Unfortunately I did not capture the intensity of her gaze, but I love how relaxed she looked here.

Relaxed Inspiration


Evening approached and I prepared for my attendance of Natalie Merchant in concert with the Seattle Symphony Orchestra.
I have listened to Natalie for many years, allowing myself to be soothed by Life is Sweet in life’s rougher moment, cheered by The Sleeping Giant and moved to the point of free and delicious giggles. For me she is the archetype of a Fully Formed Woman. She is kind, talented, persistent, humorous, and achingly human.
There can be no other woman that performs graceful, beautiful, composed poetry with a symphony….then goes on to sing, joke, laugh, and dance with abandon…as if the audience were her living room, and she could relax into the comfort of our adoration.

I had a lovely time walking around and chatting with other attendees of the performance. I have discovered that Seattle natives are warm, welcoming, and a great deal of fun to converse with.

Colour and Countor


Handsome and Polished




Youthful Sunburst


Intimate Intermission


Pretty in Pink Detail