San Francisco-Trends in Velvet and Optics

The sun lit up the most magnificent Red coat, as I sat drinking my afternoon tea. Like that of a thousand ruby gems all catching the glaring brilliance of sunlight. Saturated and Sated by the color I asked this beautiful woman for a photograph. Gayle was happy to share her fiery cloak-



The above photographs illustrates a woman who loves to dress beautifully, for the pleasure of it. To find out more about her click on her name below:


Serious decisions can be made while staying quite warm.

On a brisk day in the Gardens, this young gentleman was not about to catch a chill-While he sorted through the tea menu and decided on which tea biscuits looked most ravishing.


Lunch Break-I profess that I stole a moment from the plum ensconced gentleman. I loved his expression, and sense of purpose. Did I manage to catch that naked moment of surrender with my lens? Because I could feel it hover over us as I snapped away. Hoping to touch an instant, a tingle of it, as I sought out the features of his face-


Sebastopol-Fun Filled Afternoon

I must confess my obsession with the Stache. The Moustache that is. If I were a man, I dare say I would have one. And I would try to cultivate it and maintain it in such a way that it would curl, loop, and do a little dance on command.

It would just happen to be my good fortune, but I  have a friend with a curl-tastic Stache.

The Stache



The Stache and I stopped in for a bit of play time at Funk and Flash. Youth and cutting edge beauty was positioned behind the counter. She helped us and played dress up with us for a bit. We partook in frisky, amusement filled clothing touching and hat trying time. I tried taking a few different kinds of photographs of her-She had more than one angle to be observed from.






San Anselmo- Waiting for the Train at Midnight

How do you keep New Year’s Eve classy? One waits for the midnight train, dripping with jewels, tendrils of hair framing a striking face. Prepared with a jacket swung over a crisp shoulder, lingering, anticipating, waiting. Laughing and loving in the company of those closest to you. Embracing the moment, for all the beauty and heartbreak that it brings.







Bond. James Bound-


Anybody got a Match?-


Here’s looking at you, Kid-


I’ll have what she’s having-

Marin-A Colour-Filled Life

Life-It seems to come and go in huge waves of intensity and then a bit of drifting. I had really fun time playing with my mothers knitting basket the other day….lots of warm and cozy-making spun sheep.

yep it definitely feels like fall is on her way.

I took an afternoon off from all the craziness and went to have nails done. There is a very sweet gentleman at my nail salon whose specialty, are intricate nail art designs. I always love to watch the attention and care that he pays to the delicate petals as they unfold on my waiting thumbs. I then enjoy spending a week with mini works of art on my fingertips, striving desperately to not chip them sooner than one can avoid.

What does beauty look like when you stumble upon it? Can an old beat up bit of scrap metal, be full of glowing jewel bright colours? I walked by a scrape yard of car parts…and paused…the brittle, forgotten beauty of the material had a quality that could be seen to stand alongside my flowering nails or wooly basket.

A perfectly lovely afternoon


Nailing the details

All together now

Henna and Pattern

Forgotten Beauty

San Anselmo-Window Shopping + Exploration

I headed into town with my girlfriend for a bit of shopping and girl time. After a bit of strolling, poking, and browsing…I fell upon a window that captured my attention.

There was a lovely eye catching piece in the window of Blanc one of my favorite local boutiques. As a super nerd for all old, medieval prints, I went a bit maga for this one. It was the Astrological print mixed with a very beautiful cut that sent my hand flying for my camera.

Simply Lovely

A print that brings with it the changing of the season

Dress: Cotelac-French

Dolores Park SF-Summer Lovin

Last Sunday afternoon I found myself in Dolores Park. I think that it falls in to the category of one of my favorite parks in the Bay Area. Always lots of happy picnicking people and general shenanigans to be had.

Such a lovely Hat

A Summer Moment

All Smiles

The Dance Off

Find Waldo Moment

Hermes in the Park

The Robot DJ!

A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte Moment



Lip Service

Perfect Reading Spot


Livermore-Summer Strolls

A few days ago I spent the morning working at a job out in Livermore. In the past whenever I have had a job in this part of the world, I have always had to run off as soon as I was finished. But afterwards I didn’t have anywhere I needed to be…so I stayed. I spent the afternoon walking around, poking my nose into several shops, trying out a rather nice Thai food restaurant (Lemon Grass), and finally ending up outside the local coffee shop.  After a few hours I started to have more of a feeling or shall we say flavor for the town. It is an extremely sweet and up kept little spot. The main thoroughfare (First Street) has a sunny disposition, a rather inviting feeling as I strolled along with my camera in hand. People were also ambling around, talking to one another with a sense of comfort that can only happen in a smaller patch of the world like this.

Lounging in the Shade

In-between Tasks at Hand

Colours that Pop

How would You like your coffee?

Summer Reading List

Petaluma-A bit of this and A bit of that

I spent a very pleasant afternoon in Petaluma, having a bit of fun and girl time with one of my mates. She and I had lunch, went to have our nails done, and browsed a few stores. As always I had my blogging goggles on and returned home with several stunning shots.


Knitting the afternoon away



Handy Artwork


Handy Purse




San Francisco-Sunshine and the City Beat

A sunny day in the City, YES! I had a job in the City earlier this week, which gave me the excuse for a lovely, lazy afternoon in Yerba Buena Gardens. Food, Tea, Company, ahh yes the good life. So of course there were a few fantastic moments that walked by…and I tried to have a camera handy when they did. For all the other moments…I will admit I jogged a few people down, but as always it was worth the enthusiasm.

The Modern Cravat

Perfectly Done

The Pleasure of Afternoon Tea


Check out the Print! These pants were engineered by Mirella Garic.

Owls and Birds oh My

Crazy Fantastic Awesome Moment

Lovely Flutterbys

Teal It Is

I see What you Did There

Petaluma-Afternoon Tea

I had a business meeting in Petaluma the other day. I used this opportunity to hang out at my favorite spot, Aquas Cafe. They have Gluten free bread, and make sandwiches such as Turkey Fig, pair that with a spicy iced chai and life is is good. After a bit of business I checked out a few of the locals. There are always people sitting around outside under hug red umbrellas, taking in the world ad it wanders by. Such a pleasure to just hang out for a bit, and enjoy the sunshine.


Everything is in the Details

Shades of Glory