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Hello Everyone!!

I can’t believe that I have been absent for so long on this blog. I would like to thank everyone that followed me for the last few years and kept checking to see if I had woken from my silence to publish a post. Please have a look at my new project:


Thank you again for all the love, inspiration, and support.

All the best,

-Rachael Staudt


San Francisco – Transitions

It feels to me that life is a sequence of constant little movements, all strung together. Whether one is out photographing, playing Tennis, or siting through a business meeting, there are constant readjustments that occur. Being able to see, with an inner presence what is coming towards you. The act of waiting, of listening, of feeling the presence of creativity. Inspiration comes in with the breeze, and there are many days that feel airless and heavy with the weight of practicality and productivity.

But other days are blowing gales as I fight to hold onto my camera.

yellow and black



fall happens

girl with the smile










San Francisco-Trends in Velvet and Optics

The sun lit up the most magnificent Red coat, as I sat drinking my afternoon tea. Like that of a thousand ruby gems all catching the glaring brilliance of sunlight. Saturated and Sated by the color I asked this beautiful woman for a photograph. Gayle was happy to share her fiery cloak-



The above photographs illustrates a woman who loves to dress beautifully, for the pleasure of it. To find out more about her click on her name below:


Serious decisions can be made while staying quite warm.

On a brisk day in the Gardens, this young gentleman was not about to catch a chill-While he sorted through the tea menu and decided on which tea biscuits looked most ravishing.


Lunch Break-I profess that I stole a moment from the plum ensconced gentleman. I loved his expression, and sense of purpose. Did I manage to catch that naked moment of surrender with my lens? Because I could feel it hover over us as I snapped away. Hoping to touch an instant, a tingle of it, as I sought out the features of his face-


San Francisco-Academy of Sciences

My brother, friends, and I have had an amazing summer. We called it Summer Camp 2012. As our final hurrah to a summer well loved several of the peeps and I headed into the city for a day at the Academy of Sciences. It was an afternoon of wonder and excitement. We commented on the fact that because we did not have adult supervision….we might have misbehaved a bit more then the smaller people under feet.

All Smiles

Fantastic Camouflage

Delicately Gritty


After a full day of walking, giggling and (gently) poking sea stars we headed to dinner. It was decided by consensus that after a day spent near our aquatic friends, sushi was a good idea. On our way to our old faithful Naked Fish, I spotted a pair of headphones that could not be ignored. This young woman was commuting in style,listening to beats that definitely matched her SF beat.

Neon Headphones

San Francisco-Smiles and Underground Transportation

I was working early in the city a few Saturdays past. The part of town I was heading towards did not have a great deal of parking. So I decided to try taking Bart (Our local underground “Tube”) from Berkeley into SF. To be honest, it was my first official time ever using Bart as a form of transportation. After living in the Bay Area almost four years…I decided it needed to be done

In many ways using public transportation frees one up to actually see. To observe and photograph at will, without the worries that go with maneuvering a car from point a to point b. One of the great joys I miss from my summer abroad was the freedom that came with constantly walking, and taking trains to my desired destinations.

One of the first people I saw after stepping off Bart was a very sweet man by the name of Salvatore. He was on his way to perform at a club, as he indicated, around the corner. We spoke for a few minutes, and upon hearing my name, he sang to me. It was a sweet ballad from Mexico about “Raquelita” or little Rachael. I was so tickled by his song, and left waving my goodbyes to him in souring spirits.

Saturday Morning

After a rather enjoyable morning working, it was time to head back to East Bay. I hopped on Bart and after almost taking the wrong route, I managed to find my way to the appropriate line.Part way into my trip I spent a few minutes watching a rather cool dude. I finally asked if I could photograph him. The headphones and the sunglasses were such an amazing blend of awesomeness.

Ready For Action

Dolores Park SF-Summer Lovin

Last Sunday afternoon I found myself in Dolores Park. I think that it falls in to the category of one of my favorite parks in the Bay Area. Always lots of happy picnicking people and general shenanigans to be had.

Such a lovely Hat

A Summer Moment

All Smiles

The Dance Off

Find Waldo Moment

Hermes in the Park

The Robot DJ!

A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte Moment



Lip Service

Perfect Reading Spot