San Francisco – Transitions

It feels to me that life is a sequence of constant little movements, all strung together. Whether one is out photographing, playing Tennis, or siting through a business meeting, there are constant readjustments that occur. Being able to see, with an inner presence what is coming towards you. The act of waiting, of listening, of feeling the presence of creativity. Inspiration comes in with the breeze, and there are many days that feel airless and heavy with the weight of practicality and productivity.

But other days are blowing gales as I fight to hold onto my camera.

yellow and black



fall happens

girl with the smile










Seattle – Blurred Edges

I spent the weekend in Seattle visiting family and taking in the City. It was a blustery and cold weekend, but it was refreshing in a sense-And I had the chance to check out Chihuly’s Glass and Garden Instillation. While wondering about I took a few photographs. I have to admit that it was just one of those days-All of my shots were completely out of focus. But I played with them, attempting the “when life gives you lemons” story. It can be surprising what is possible when the edges of life and imagery blur. Accepting that every shot I take will not be perfect-That I will have to work with unexpected flaws, fills me with terror and delight.

In essence-This blog is dedicated to the joys of failing, and finding something else hidden within the absence of perfection.

Delicate Mood



Patiently awaiting


Petaluma-A bit of this and A bit of that

I spent a very pleasant afternoon in Petaluma, having a bit of fun and girl time with one of my mates. She and I had lunch, went to have our nails done, and browsed a few stores. As always I had my blogging goggles on and returned home with several stunning shots.


Knitting the afternoon away



Handy Artwork


Handy Purse




Dublin Airport-Travel with a bit of Style

I find myself once again at an airport. This time I am leaving my dear Ireland for Italy. As excited as I am for another country to explore, I’m a bit heartbroken to leave the family I was staying with. It was so wonderful to immerse myself in the rhythm and lifestyle of my Irish “peeps.” But I am able to console my self by promising that I will return again someday soon.

While walking towards my gate I was struck by a woman having a drink at one of the little indoor cafes. It was the combination of colour that struck me. The vibrant blue of her jersey, with a patterned scarf and crisp white hat. The drink in front of her was a lovely pale blue, even with the rain streaming outside, it looked…refreshing.
Altogether I felt less in an airport, and already at a street cafe in Milan.



Dublin Ireland-Home away from Home

In many ways spending time with my Irish friend and his lovely family…is like being at home. After a few days of rest and time off from blogging, I was back on the prowl today. I was taken on a bit of a tour through the city of Dublin, and was able to see several of the Churches, parks, universities, and shopping available. I kept thinking to myself that it felt strangely like walking around San Fran, or even a slightly quieter town in the Marin area.
I went a little bit nuts in several of the boutiques….finding several very nifty jewelry designs that I have never encountered in the Unites States before.
After all the intensity of photographing in London, I was not sure who or what I wanted to focus on while in Ireland. Because I felt so comfortable, many times I saw a subject go by that I enjoyed, but I was not quick enough with my camera to get there.
But here are the people I was able to stop and share a moment with.









Earrings from the lovely shop Bow in the Powerscourt Centre Townhouse Center


Colour from Bow


Brilliant take on sculls and lace from Bow


If you would like to check out more pieces from Bow, go to there online site: