Seattle – Blurred Edges

I spent the weekend in Seattle visiting family and taking in the City. It was a blustery and cold weekend, but it was refreshing in a sense-And I had the chance to check out Chihuly’s Glass and Garden Instillation. While wondering about I took a few photographs. I have to admit that it was just one of those days-All of my shots were completely out of focus. But I played with them, attempting the “when life gives you lemons” story. It can be surprising what is possible when the edges of life and imagery blur. Accepting that every shot I take will not be perfect-That I will have to work with unexpected flaws, fills me with terror and delight.

In essence-This blog is dedicated to the joys of failing, and finding something else hidden within the absence of perfection.

Delicate Mood



Patiently awaiting


Sea-Tac, Washington-Leaving on a Jet Plane

I was waiting at the airport yesterday and found myself watching a young woman charging her phone. She was sitting near the window and looking out the glass longingly….she had a very thoughtful expression and I wanted to capture that feeling.

Waiting for her Plane


Snohomish, Washington-Ingenious Village

My wish was granted and I was able to soak in a bit of sunshine in-between a fair deal of serious shopping.
This was my second time coming to Snohomish with my relatives…and it was by my request that we returned to this quint little town. My trip through this little gem last summer was lovely, and I left with heavy bags and a deep sigh of satisfaction.
This time I think I left with even heavier bags….due to the weight of my loot as well as the history behind several purchases.

I stumbled upon a steamer trunk with dangling gloves, so beautifully kept, that I almost wept at the sight of them.
The lovely antique store by the name of Red Rooster, had acquired the entire life’s collection of hand gloves which belonged to a woman three generations past. The woman that kindly wrapped up my treasures surmised that the gloves dated around 1880-1890…..all I could think was wow…that is practically Jane Austin Era material.
The pair that had small rose buds embroidered on them still had a small stamp on the inside stating “Made in France”….when was the last time anything I purchased in the United States said, that I mussed to myself.
Sadly the gloves were sized for a hand of 6 and 3/4….my fingers are a wee bit beyond fitting these little beauties, but I can live with that…they will be cooed at around my house instead.
In some ways I’m mourning the fact that I did not buy the entire collection, I feel as if I have split up the family, taking only a few of the children and leaving those left behind to be discovered by other excited parents. How incredibly apropos of this world around me, rarely is it possible to keep a collection together, in one piece.

I also fell in love with several tobacco tins of times past. It was an interesting combination of trinkets to take home with me….hand gloves and vintage tobacco tins.

Steamer Trunk with Glove collection (for sale at Red Rooster)


Riding in style (for sale at Red Rooster)


Historically Significant


Effervescent Glove Wash


Rusted Beauty


After I thoroughly combed through the Red Rooster, we headed over to the Snohomish Bakery for lunch. I had a small love affair with my hazelnut cappuccino and gluten free chocolate macaroons.

Afternoon Delight


Feeling sustained and ready for a bit more action in the trenches we hit the shops again. I fell into a store called Joyworks….and it was a bit like Alice entering the looking glass, time stood still. It felt like I had entered a nesting doll store, with layer upon layer of lovely little trinkets and decor.
The store had raw linen tablecloths, bird nests with little eggs, beautiful swaths of silky scarves, pillows that screamed beach cottage, seductive French soaps….and anything else you can think of that tickles the soul, and soothes the senses. It was a challenge to not walk out with the entire place under my arm….so instead I settled for linen, glass, and bird eggs.
I will post pics later of the linen in our home environment.

Mannequin Amazement


Sperry’s in Action


So Many Baubles


While we were lunching I saw a floating red kimono float by the window. I threw down my lunch and ran out the door. This gorgeous woman indulged my requests to flag her down and take a few photographs.
She was absolutely lovely and I found her attire and mannerisms inspiring.

Floating Red


Looking Glass


Later on we finished off the afternoon with an ice cream treat in Mukilteo, along the water front. After so many gelato afternoons in Italy, I was excited to have a 4pm gelato…with a twist of “American-ness” thrown in (soft serve with fudge).
On our way to consume our treat, I spotted a trio of ladies behind me that we’re beautifully dressed. It was definitely a case of ladies afternoon out.

All Dressed Up


If you have the chance I recommend checking out Red Rooster Antiques

Also check out the blog for Joyworks

Seattle Area, Auburn-Remember to Look Down

Yesterday I went to a gathering of relatives in Auburn. There were two very lovely young ladies with pink sparkly digs. One of the little ladies enjoyed having a look through my card case, and practicing how to take all of them out then replace them in an orderly fashion.

I also spotted a beautiful pair of heels, that had a very sexy shade of red adorning a swath of them.

It was one of those days where I spent a lot of time looking down at what everyone was wearing on their paws.

Young Fashionista in Pink


Golden Curls


Heels to the Sky


Seattle-Lunch + Natalie Merchant

I am back in Seattle. This fact fills me with joy, as I do love this city…accept for one little thing….the weather. Now I know that might sound a bit rich coming from the Lady that lives in the Bay, and stares fog down regularly. It’s just that for the last three years, every time I come here….part if not all of the time I am here is a bit of a rainy day experience. Could I just have one or two days of sun? I suppose I will just have to come back again later in the summer as a compromise.

While I was out to lunch with my peeps I ran across this precious gem of a young woman. I loved her feeling of delicate perfection, clad in a carefree and sensible sweater. Unfortunately I did not capture the intensity of her gaze, but I love how relaxed she looked here.

Relaxed Inspiration


Evening approached and I prepared for my attendance of Natalie Merchant in concert with the Seattle Symphony Orchestra.
I have listened to Natalie for many years, allowing myself to be soothed by Life is Sweet in life’s rougher moment, cheered by The Sleeping Giant and moved to the point of free and delicious giggles. For me she is the archetype of a Fully Formed Woman. She is kind, talented, persistent, humorous, and achingly human.
There can be no other woman that performs graceful, beautiful, composed poetry with a symphony….then goes on to sing, joke, laugh, and dance with abandon…as if the audience were her living room, and she could relax into the comfort of our adoration.

I had a lovely time walking around and chatting with other attendees of the performance. I have discovered that Seattle natives are warm, welcoming, and a great deal of fun to converse with.

Colour and Countor


Handsome and Polished




Youthful Sunburst


Intimate Intermission


Pretty in Pink Detail