Seattle Area, Auburn-Remember to Look Down

Yesterday I went to a gathering of relatives in Auburn. There were two very lovely young ladies with pink sparkly digs. One of the little ladies enjoyed having a look through my card case, and practicing how to take all of them out then replace them in an orderly fashion.

I also spotted a beautiful pair of heels, that had a very sexy shade of red adorning a swath of them.

It was one of those days where I spent a lot of time looking down at what everyone was wearing on their paws.

Young Fashionista in Pink


Golden Curls


Heels to the Sky


Venice Italy-In the absence of Space and Time

The city I have dreamt about since I was a little girl. My one cliche, that I’m not afraid to admit-I have a romantic need for the City of Venice. All of the artwork, culture, and passion that was born of her loins….inspiration has always flowed from this floating flower of the West.

I recently read a book called “The Passion,” by Jeanette Winterson. In this story, she described Venice during the Napoleonic era….and my heart fluttered from her poetic descriptions of these fantastical and not quite land determined characters…
Upon arriving I walked through the neighborhoods with my friend and her family. She had been to the city before and took us through the maze of streets, shops and of course lots of people. After about half an hour of becoming one with narrow winding streets…I felt completely lost….I have never felt that without orientation, it was a wonderful and terrifying feeling all at once.
After a bit of wandering we emerged out onto the Piazza San Marco-I drew in my breath with wonder. How beautiful the square was…how rich with colour, flavor, and history, seeping from her lovely pores.
I would love to have weeks with her, just sitting, watching, and breathing in her secrets….getting to know the locals, and all their stories in this watery place they call home.
As you can guess there were many tourists wandering about the City, as well as the local peeps. I tried to photograph a blend of both.







Pattern and lace


Local Feeling


Cheers to the weekend


Fantastic embroidery


Renowned Glass


Roads are Relative


Elegant Finale


Dublin Ireland-Home away from Home

In many ways spending time with my Irish friend and his lovely family…is like being at home. After a few days of rest and time off from blogging, I was back on the prowl today. I was taken on a bit of a tour through the city of Dublin, and was able to see several of the Churches, parks, universities, and shopping available. I kept thinking to myself that it felt strangely like walking around San Fran, or even a slightly quieter town in the Marin area.
I went a little bit nuts in several of the boutiques….finding several very nifty jewelry designs that I have never encountered in the Unites States before.
After all the intensity of photographing in London, I was not sure who or what I wanted to focus on while in Ireland. Because I felt so comfortable, many times I saw a subject go by that I enjoyed, but I was not quick enough with my camera to get there.
But here are the people I was able to stop and share a moment with.









Earrings from the lovely shop Bow in the Powerscourt Centre Townhouse Center


Colour from Bow


Brilliant take on sculls and lace from Bow


If you would like to check out more pieces from Bow, go to there online site:

UK-From London with Love

Bashing about London this morning…it’s still all about the shoes, although I have made the attempt to photograph the full form.
I have found the British to be very photogenic and gracious. Trying to interact with people in Russia was challenging, and anytime I tried to photograph someone on the sly, I was usually given suspicious stares…which honestly I could understand considering the location.
Here I feel comfortable and social again, fearless in my interactions.
As a general experience I truly love London. Every time I step outside I feel a wave of diversity, sounds, smells, colours, and languages wash over me.
The metro is fantastic, after a few days of sans car life I am a convert. The sea of humanity using public transportation is comforting….the general user population also seems down with the system.
So much to take in…this trip had been such a whirlwind of places, history, style, and global download.

Aldgate East, caught in the moment




So bloody classic


Bright flats!


St Petersburg-Spasiba!

Is it possible to be rendered this speechless by a place in the world? Russia feels strangely familiar, intense, beautiful, hardened, gilded suffering, and a place of extremes. It is currently summer here and the days are long, the sun only setting around 2am. I giggle to myself as to how the local mothers put their young ones to bed before midnight. The city definitely takes advantage of the “white nights” and bustles well into the wee hours, runners take their evening exercise around 11:30. There is a feeling industry and development, with construction happening late into the night, and workers taking advantage of the hard won light.
My body is still trying to adjust to the lack of darkness, and I have found napping to be a great pleasure.
On to the fashion and physical presentation of the people. I have seen some of the most beautifully dressed individuals in this city. Remarkable refinement walking down the street with a soviet cinderblock jungle as the backdrop.
Flowing skirts, stilettos, fitted suits, and couture jackets….it’s a feast for the eyes.
Not all of my photographs are accessible at the moment, so this post will be a place holder for what is the come when I get home next month.
I will confess to be even more shy in Russia when it comes to asking to take someone’s photograph, but I’m going to try and work up to it. Also not everyone speaks clear and comprehensive English so I’m not sure how to communicate fully.
So my answer to this conundrum is to photograph shoes! Lots and lots of beautiful footwear in this city, enjoy!

My tourist moment at Peterhof Palace


Bath UK-Country Chic

I have landed in the UK and decided the best way to start my trip would be to spend a few days in the English Countryside before I hang out in Russia and London. I have enjoyed myself a great deal and feel as if I’m still in the Marin area, just with a slightly sexy accent and a lot more walking.
Here are a few shots that I have taken in between investigating Roman baths and taking the waters. I will admit to being a bit shy and not taking as many shots as I would like. The people here are beautifully dressed, and there is an edge of the funky to most of the attire I’ve run across.