San Francisco-Academy of Sciences

My brother, friends, and I have had an amazing summer. We called it Summer Camp 2012. As our final hurrah to a summer well loved several of the peeps and I headed into the city for a day at the Academy of Sciences. It was an afternoon of wonder and excitement. We commented on the fact that because we did not have adult supervision….we might have misbehaved a bit more then the smaller people under feet.

All Smiles

Fantastic Camouflage

Delicately Gritty


After a full day of walking, giggling and (gently) poking sea stars we headed to dinner. It was decided by consensus that after a day spent near our aquatic friends, sushi was a good idea. On our way to our old faithful Naked Fish, I spotted a pair of headphones that could not be ignored. This young woman was commuting in style,listening to beats that definitely matched her SF beat.

Neon Headphones