San Francisco-Evening Stroll

I found myself in the city a few night ago. It was one of those classic California evenings…warm with a bit of a breeze. The moon was large overhead and I headed over to Naked Fish with the bro for a bit of  sushi love.

Since my return from globetrotting, the day to day details and niggles of my life have begun a ever gentle but steady creep back into my life. The quiet moments of blogging and photographing people seems to be fading a bit. I am determined to hold on to the fervor I was engulfed by while traveling, but like all enjoyable things in life, this to shall ebb and flow with time.

As I was walking I spotted a young man engaged with his phone. He looked up and gave me a huge smile…I am still refreshed every time someone gives me a random and full smile in this place. It reminds me of what is feels like to be home, to have roots, to have a sense of belonging. Many times while traveling I would flash a random smile…and was usually met with indifference or confusion. This was not the case in all the places I traveled, but it threw me a bit when it happened, and reminded me that ones approach to the world is not a universal truth.

Taking the ever unknown plunge I asked him for a photograph. In all of the time I have been photographing this year, he was one of a handful to ask me what my blog is all about. I told him of my need to photograph the gesture of an individual, the feeling they bring with their clothing, adornments, attitude and look.

In all honesty I have almost lost track of my original thesis, to capture candid moments with humanity. Enough Golden Russian Domes and Flashy Heels, it is time to get back to a dollop of street photography. I am overcome with the rawness of feeling and sensation, to be back in this place that I fear and long for, need to embrace with passion, yet keep at arms reach for fear of being overwhelmed. All of those beautiful moments, waiting to be captured in a passing look or expression.

It feels good to be home.

Summer Evening