Dublin Ireland-Home away from Home

In many ways spending time with my Irish friend and his lovely family…is like being at home. After a few days of rest and time off from blogging, I was back on the prowl today. I was taken on a bit of a tour through the city of Dublin, and was able to see several of the Churches, parks, universities, and shopping available. I kept thinking to myself that it felt strangely like walking around San Fran, or even a slightly quieter town in the Marin area.
I went a little bit nuts in several of the boutiques….finding several very nifty jewelry designs that I have never encountered in the Unites States before.
After all the intensity of photographing in London, I was not sure who or what I wanted to focus on while in Ireland. Because I felt so comfortable, many times I saw a subject go by that I enjoyed, but I was not quick enough with my camera to get there.
But here are the people I was able to stop and share a moment with.









Earrings from the lovely shop Bow in the Powerscourt Centre Townhouse Center


Colour from Bow


Brilliant take on sculls and lace from Bow


If you would like to check out more pieces from Bow, go to there online site:


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